Made In China – Why The United States Cares About Counterfeiting

President Trump’s administration has taken a hard stance against counterfeiting, imposing hefty tariffs on what it says is China’s widespread intellectual property theft. Historically, China has been a haven for counterfeiting. Recently, China and the United States prepared to battle it out in a trade war that began long ago but escalated when the U.S.

Women, Influence & Power In Law – A Corporate Counsel Event

Women, Influence & Power in Law (WIPL) – A Corporate Counsel Event comes to Washington, D.C. on October 4th, 2018. The 2-day event held at the Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel offers the opportunity to enjoy an unprecedented exchange with women serving as in-house and outside counsel. This event is the original global forum facilitating

Hedge Fund General Counsel And Compliance Officer Summit 2018

The 12th annual Hedge Fund General Counsel and Compliance Officer Summit comes to the New York Marriott Marquis on September 27th, 2018. The 2-day Corporate Counsel event will offer best practices for ensuring regulatory compliance, and will provide hedge fund investors and managers with tools needed to tackle important industry issues.   After attending the

Communicating With An LGBT Client

All attorneys know that proper communication with clients is essential. If you can’t clearly, sensitively and thoroughly have discourse with your clients, you can’t effectively represent them. For those who represent LGBT clients, proper communication means first familiarizing yourself with terminology used within and accepted by the LGBT community. This terminology might be new to

Helping Your Writer Client Understand the Law

Lawyers who represent writers often get clients who are either overly concerned that their work will be stolen or not careful enough to protect what is theirs. Many writers are confused by the law when it comes to their rights and what they should do to make sure others don’t infringe on them. As an

How AI Is Transforming The Legal Profession

If we could look into the future of the legal profession, we’d likely see a vast difference from the field we work in today. Artificial intelligence (AI), a technology that began 20 years ago and is currently the subject of much research and discussion, will likely have made its way prominently into the law. We

What The Law Says About Filming The Police In Public

In 2017, United States citizens won a major battle over the right to film the police in public. Federal appeals courts that covered half of our nation’s states ruled that recording encounters with law enforcement is an American’s First Amendment right. A Philadelphia federal appeals court ruled that Americans have the constitutional right to videotape

The Restaurant Industry And Music Use – The Law In California

California restaurant and bar owners, and various forms of food and beverage service providers, often get themselves into trouble with the law for doing something as simple as playing music for their customers. They broadcast radio stations or stream songs in their establishment and then get slapped with a letter (or receive a threatening phone

Get To Know The ABA TIPS Animal Law Committee

The Tort, Trial and Insurance Practice (TIPS) section of the ABA offers judges, lawyers, law students and non-lawyers the opportunity to advance the legal profession as it pertains to animal/human interactions. This can be done by participating in the ABA TIPS Animal Law Committee (ALC), a unique national platform that brings together professionals from around