Keeping Up With The California Elimination Of Bias Requirement

California attorneys must complete and report 25 credits of California MCLE by the deadline specified, according to the first letter of their last name. The Elimination of Bias course and credit is traditionally the most challenging for attorneys to complete on time because it is required every compliance period.

That being said, MCLEZ makes it easy for attorneys to take this important course. We offer a guide to the California Elimination of Bias requirement, which consists of one hour of instructional time.

The Purpose of the California MCLE Elimination of Bias Requirement

We all have bias in some way, whether we admit it or not. It’s just a result of the fact that we come from different experiences and world views. While an attorney’s goal should be to approach his/her practice objectively and without bias, this can be difficult to do sometimes.

The California Elimination of Bias course is required due to the known problem with diversity in the legal industry. This may seem ironic, given the fact that a lawyer is supposed to serve the whole of a community. But lawyers are human beings, and thus have bias just like anyone else.

By requiring the Elimination of Bias course every compliance period, the California State Bar is working to get attorneys will mitigate their own biases, which might contribute to systematic discrimination. Both the legal industry and society in general benefit from attorneys who constantly work to keep biases out of the courtroom and out of their practice.

The Elimination of Bias course hopefully helps lawyers approach legal matters in a way that best serves their clients and the population at large.

What Exactly is the Elimination of Bias Course?

There are many approaches to the California Elimination of Bias course, with slightly varying content matter. Generally, the class focuses on sex, color, religion, race, age, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation and physical disability as directed by California MCLE rules.

These topics certainly aren’t exhaustive, as there are many kinds of bias that one experiences in the world. Attorneys should make it a point to cover each of these subjects over the course of their practice by taking different versions of the Elimination of Bias course to fulfill their MCLE requirements.

The California Elimination of Bias course gives an overview of various types of bias and offers suggestions for techniques that might be used to stop these biases.

How to Complete the California Elimination of Bias Course

There are many topics that attorneys can choose during each compliance period to satisfy the Elimination of Bias requirement. MCLEZ offers several courses that meet this requirement. So even if you’ve taken one of them with us before, there will likely be another with a different focus that you can sign up for.

Our California MCLE Bundles include the California Elimination of Bias course within the 25-credit bundles. When signing up for these course bundles, you will be able to satisfy your Elimination of Bias requirement and check other required courses off of your list. Other courses in our MCLE Bundles include the required hours in Legal Ethics and Competence Issues.

Take our California Elimination of Bias course and learn how illegal and unconscious bias can affect your cases. This course is not just arbitrary to fulfill a requirement. It’s a really great opportunity to discover how you can be a better lawyer and provide a better service to the community.