Continuing Education For Attorneys: How To Find The Right Courses For You

CLE courses are required, but they’re not free. So it’s best to choose Continuing Legal Education wisely. As much as these coursesAttorney taking notes at a conference. might simply be another entry in an already-too-long to do list, they’re essential. Attorneys need to stay on top of changing laws and best practices within their profession. That’s why we offer a range of courses.

CLE courses are meant to help you fulfill your responsibilities as an attorney and actually enjoy what you’re learning. It can be tempting to simply choose any course just to satisfy the obligation, but this is not in a lawyer’s best interest.

With just a bit of effort, you can find the right courses to fulfill your professional responsibility and gain knowledge. Ideally, what you learn will make you a better attorney and strengthen your reputation within the legal profession.

As you choose the courses to satisfy your obligations, there are some things to think about. Your schedule and time constraints, how you learn best and your budget are just a few. The subject matters that interest you most as an attorney should of course be those that you seek out in your courses. And, the area of law that you practice in should guide you when you sign up for your courses. Some courses reveal new and important statues and cases, or specific CLE tips for lawyers in a specific field to improve their practices.

Here are a few ways you can choose the courses that are right for you:

Select Courses Relating to Subjects That Interest You

When you’re electrified by a topic or have a deep interest in a subject, you’ll probably enjoy a course that deals with that particular theme. Additionally, the time spent learning and studying will likely not be bothersome to you. Consider your passions – or at least the area of law you currently work in – and choose courses focused on this subject matter.

Ask for Recommendations

It can be helpful to hear about CLE course experiences from those who have already been through the training. After inquiring, you may be able to better gauge if the course will meet your needs and preferences. We have many satisfied attorneys who have taken our courses and reviewed them online, raving about the ease of education with us and the price for our classes, which may be lower than NYC’s State Bar offerings.  (If you’re an attorney in the NYC area read our NY CLE course page.)

Try Before You Buy

We offer several free CLE courses that you can try out before you buy multiple courses with us. This way, you can make sure the style of our classes suits your needs and preferences. Our on-demand courses offered for a fee can be purchased individually or as bundles. We encourage you to take one course to evaluate the experience if you don’t want to buy a state bundle right away.

Take a look at some of the courses we offer and contact us for more information.