Choose The Right NY CLE Courses For 2018

Every attorney is required to complete continuing education courses. Since these courses are necessary to be in compliance, you may as well choose those that are of interest to you. When determining which NY CLE Courses to schedule for yourself, think about your passions and the area of law you practice. Signing up for courses that will help you grow personally and professionally, and that will engage you in the subject matter, is the best course of action when completing continuing education.

MCLEZ offers many CLE Courses to maximize your time spent studying, while remaining cost efficient. We offer dozens of courses on a wide array of topics, and many of these courses are available as a trial before you commit to an entire bundle. We recommend that attorneys who are new to our continuing education courses try at least one of these free courses to see if the learning style fits. Also, this will allow you to determine if the subject matter is a match for your personal and professional goals.

With so many NY CLE Courses to choose from, it’s likely that even if you don’t prefer the topic in one course, you’ll find another that will be the perfect fit for you. Our bundles are great ways to check several courses off your New York State Bar requirements list at once; plus, they group many of the most popular required courses together for easy completion.

Our NY CLE Courses

The following are some of the CLE Courses that are available for you to take to fulfill your extended education requirement:

* ABA Professional Responsibility Client-Lawyer Guidelines (read more about changes in 2018)
* Advanced Topics in Employment Law
* Asset Protection-Planning
* Attorneys and the Cloud
* Computer Security for Today’s Law Office
* Conflicts of Interest in the Practice of Law: Causes and Cures
* Digital Currencies, Bitcoin and the Law
* Effective Use of Experts in Litigation
* Hot Topics in Social Media Law
* Law Office Security
* Nuts and Bolts of NLRB Practice
* Recent Developments in Patent Law
* Straight Talk: Social Media Ethics and Attorneys

If you want to try a course before you purchase several or even a bundle with us, the following courses are free to try:

* A Modern Look at Contractors v. Employees
* A Primer on International Taxation
* Appellate Jurisdiction
* Bankruptcy Avoidance Powers
* Credit Damages and their Application in Cases: An Overview
* Detecting, Investigating and Documenting Fraud
* Ethical Issues in EB-5 and DACA Cases
* Federal and State Tax Laws: Poe v. Seaborn – A Contrarian View
* Protecting Minors: Human Trafficking, Child Exploitation & The Law
* Reduce Bias with Better Decision Making
* The Five Fundamentals of Federal Employment Law
* The Role of Compliance
* And more

MCLEZ provides accredited continuing legal education courses in New York. We commit ourselves to completely addressing the needs of New York attorneys, and we have positioned ourselves as the leading provider of affordable, high-quality NY CLE courses.

We partner with leading CLE content providers to ensure that you get timely, highly relevant and top-quality programming and materials delivered directly to your desktop. View our NYC CLE Courses today.