Privacy Rights And Law Accessibility Are Big Winners At Global Legal Hackathon Finale

The third and final round of the Global Legal Hackathon – the first ever and legal technology development competition hosting entrants from across five countries – concluded on April 21st in New York. Among the event’s 14 finalists, four teams were selected as winners. Two of the teams created solutions to benefit the private sector, and two submitted tech initiatives for the public sector.


The goal of the Global Legal Hackathon is to promote user privacy and make the law more understandable to everyday consumers. With participants representing more than 40 cities worldwide, innovation was in abundance. The hackathon started in late February and gave those in attendance a perfect platform for sharing their solutions to promote diversity in the legal industry and close the societal justice gap.


A Tradition in Finding Solutions


Legal hackathons have long been used to find solutions for common problems the legal industry and society face, including new issues revolving around concepts like blockchain. The Global Legal Hackathon is harnessing this power to congregate and collaborate, and it plans to disrupt the legal industry around the globe.


Closing the Justice


As an example of quick-thinking and fast-moving solutions fueled by hackathons, consider the event held by technologists in Scotland after the disastrous London Grenfell Tower Fire. A group of technologists and attorneys came together in just 36 hours after the tragedy to provide a near-immediate positive response, something that’s often lacking in the legal industry. They were able to offer a bit of aid to those who desperately needed it in an emergency.


Promoting Diversity


The Diversity Lab recently held a hackathon to push law firms to adopt new policies that would help women rise to prominent positions within Big Law. The event already has another event planned and hopes to sign on 88 law firms as well as several in-house legal departments.


Demystifying Blockchain


A Dublin-based hackathon enlisted more than 90 entrants to flesh out permissions, potential applications, and GDPR in the blockchain space. This event was incredibly successful in teaching attorneys about blockchain.


Education Beyond CLE


In addition to taking their required CLE courses, attorneys do themselves a service when they attend events like hackathons to learn from peers. They benefit others within the law industry when they share knowledge to educate lawyers who may be new to a field or just starting out in law.


Continuing Legal Education


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