Your Checklist For Changing Law Firms

Transitioning to any new position or company can be challenging, but it’s perhaps even more so when you’re changing law firms. You will likely not be able to simply give your 2 weeks’ notice and leave your current position, since there are clients and ongoing legal matters — not to mention your state bar if you’re moving to a new state — all of which need to be settled or properly handed off before you move.

From insurance agencies to courts to clients to opposing counsel in your cases, there will have to be a variety of processes and notifications to make the transition. But, if the move is ultimately in your best interest, just keep your eye on the end goal and you WILL get through it.

So that you can wrap up what needs to be wrapped up in your old firm and begin working with new client and partners as soon as possible, follow this checklist for changing law firms: (get more helpful articles on the CLE blog page)


  • Schedule your move on a day that you don’t normally do business
  • Inform prior and current clients
  • Inform opposing counsel in all open cases
  • Inform your local courts
  • Inform your state and local bar associations
  • Inform banks and other important financial institutions
  • Inform your insurance company
  • Transfer or cancel utilities if applicable (give 2 days’ notice)
  • File a change of address form with the local post office
  • Visit your new firm and make sure your office is ready to work in (Internet up and running, etc.)
  • Interview moving companies with glowing reviews and hire the one that meets your needs
  • Clean up and declutter your office and files (getting rid of anything you’ll no longer need)
  • Pack your office using banker boxes that keep files well organized and that you can clearly label
  • Consider going paperless to cut down on moving headaches and expenses in the future
  • Update your firm and contact information on online legal directories
  • Change your firm and contact information on your personal website (check for necessary updates on all pages)
  • Change your firm and contact information on all of your social media profiles (including Google My Business)
  • Conduct a Google search to see where your name shows up, and then update firm and contact information
  • Change your firm and contact information on your business cards and letterhead
  • Update all of your offline and online advertising with new firm and contact information
  • Change your firm and contact information on your physical and online legal forms and documents
  • Update your practice management software
  • Record a new voicemail message announcing your move
  • Get a red stamp made that says “Notice: New Address” and use it on written correspondence until well after your move
  • Leave forwarding contact information with your office in case someone needs to reach you
  • Identify California MCLE providers (if you’re moving to California)

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