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The Restaurant Industry And Music Use – The Law In California

California restaurant and bar owners, and various forms of food and beverage service providers, often get themselves into trouble with the law for doing something as simple as playing music for their customers. They broadcast radio stations or stream songs in their establishment and then get slapped with a letter (or receive a threatening phone

Reporting California Competency Courses

The California State Bar requires lawyers to report their competency training once every 3 years. This is one of the California MCLE requirements that can be challenging to remember since it requires an attorney to keep adequate records in order to be in compliance. To make sure attorneys have reported their competency courses, the bar

Keeping Up With The California Elimination Of Bias Requirement

California attorneys must complete and report 25 credits of California MCLE by the deadline specified, according to the first letter of their last name. The Elimination of Bias course and credit is traditionally the most challenging for attorneys to complete on time because it is required every compliance period. That being said, MCLEZ makes it

Top Attorney Rule Changes In CA To Watch For In 2018

California attorneys always need to be on top of changes in their education requirements and the law. For 2018, there’s plenty of new information to keep an eye on. Unprecedented and radical shifts are on the horizon and already here. As you prepare to meet your California MCLE obligations during 2018, watch for changing ways

Top 5 Controversial California Laws Taking Effect In 2018

The New Year is always full of new beginnings, renewed commitments, and fresh promises. In the legislative bodies, it’s also when new laws tend to take effect. This year is no exception, as 2018 has brought new laws that will affect Californians in a variety of areas. Several of these laws are highly controversial and