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Top 3 Social Media Mistakes That Get Business Owners In Legal Trouble

The always evolving and quickly changing digital landscape leads to a greater need for professionals who can sort out the legalities of it all, in particular as it relates to social media. Every day, people and business owners use social media channels to communicate with and engage audiences; and much of the time it’s all

Choose The Right NY CLE Courses For 2018

Every attorney is required to complete continuing education courses. Since these courses are necessary to be in compliance, you may as well choose those that are of interest to you. When determining which NY CLE Courses to schedule for yourself, think about your passions and the area of law you practice. Signing up for courses

New York’s Diversity CLE Requirement And What It Means For You

New York recently initiated a Diversity, Inclusion and Elimination of Bias (D&I) CLE requirement for experienced attorneys. This new category of CLE credit became mandatory on January 1, 2018 and it follows a resolution in February of 2016 by the ABA recommending states implement the requirement. The D&I requirement had significant support by City Bar