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What The Law Says About Filming The Police In Public

In 2017, United States citizens won a major battle over the right to film the police in public. Federal appeals courts that covered half of our nation’s states ruled that recording encounters with law enforcement is an American’s First Amendment right. A Philadelphia federal appeals court ruled that Americans have the constitutional right to videotape

The Restaurant Industry And Music Use – The Law In California

California restaurant and bar owners, and various forms of food and beverage service providers, often get themselves into trouble with the law for doing something as simple as playing music for their customers. They broadcast radio stations or stream songs in their establishment and then get slapped with a letter (or receive a threatening phone

Keeping Up With The California Elimination Of Bias Requirement

California attorneys must complete and report 25 credits of California MCLE by the deadline specified, according to the first letter of their last name. The Elimination of Bias course and credit is traditionally the most challenging for attorneys to complete on time because it is required every compliance period. That being said, MCLEZ makes it